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Welcome to the Comic Cafe. This is version 2 of the site... The design wasn't that simple to implement, but the navigation should be self-explanatory. Enjoy!

06.13.07 - Doh! Totally forgot to add the Samurai Champloo fan compilation to the published list. I only contributed pics for that project though.

05.20.07 - It's been too long since I updated the comics section. I finished a three pages comic for tOFU which is an annual collaboration/comic collection among friends. I assume will be available at AN 2007.

I totally forgot to add Cartoon Clinic by Ben Cormack (a book which my art appeared) in the published section.

09.18.05 - Next page of Down is now online. There's also a new gift/fanart from Juu.

I just found out that part of one of my comics appears in the 3rd edition of How to Draw and Sell Comics. Pretty exciting considering this is the first time my art work appeared in a book. I'm happy that someone likes my work enough to want to include in the book.

I still have to work on the page o' links.

  06.13.07 - Updated info in published section.
05.20.07 - Updated info in published section.
09.18.05- Down is updated.
09.04.05- Coffee Break is updated and finished.
08.28.05- Coffee Break is updated.
08.21.05- Coffee Break is updated.
08.14.05- Coffee Break is updated.
08.07.05- Coffee Break is updated.

Coffee Break
page status:
inked and toned (need coloring)
next update: finished

Down but Not Out
page status:
working on ch. 3, p. 12
next update: ?

Slam Dunk fan comic (Most Valuable Benchwarmer)
page status:
finished and printed
availability: available by web purchase
Available Titles
Down but Not Out - a lesson about finding oneself (last updated: 9.18.05)
Coffee Break - a short story - two people talking in a cafe (last updated: 9.04.05)
The Bamboo Princess - a surreal drama (last update: 5.30.04)
Another Date - a collaboration with Yanwen (on hiatus)
Miscellaneous - other random bits and pieces (last updated: 6.13.04)
Curious - Still one of my favorite short stories (completed)
Published - list of what's available in print form and how to get them (last updated:05.20.07)

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